Terms And Conditions


The “Client” means the person(s), organisation or company booking the equipment with MagicPix Photo Booths

The “Company” means MagicPix, trading as MagicPix Photo Booths

The “Equipment” means the photo booth, computer, camera and printer and all accompanying accessories.


1.1 By booking a photo booth with MagicPix Photo Booths either verbally or in writing, including email or online, it is deemed that the customer has thoroughly read, understood, fully agreed and is bound by all our terms and conditions of hire for the photo booth.

1.2 If traffic or any other uncontrollable circumstances prevent us from being able to achieve our contracted responsibilities, our liability shall be limited to a refund of any monies paid in relation to the cost of hourly upgrades or a pro rata reduction in the hire fee in the event of a delayed start. No further compensation will be paid irrespective of any loss of earnings.


2.1 All hires are subject to £50 non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be deducted from the final hire fee.

2.2 The balance shall be paid in full and cleared no later than 7 days prior to the event start date.

2.3 Hire charges include setting up the equipment 1 to 1.5 hours before it becomes operational. If the equipment is to be set up earlier then additional waiting charges may be incurred.


3.1 If the client cancels at any time the deposit is then nonrefundable and will be kept as admin charge. 

3.2 Any other money paid off of the total cost will be refunded providing cancellation is made more than 7 days prior to booking.

3.3 Any cancellation made during the 7-day period prior to booking will be nonrefundable.


4.1 All equipment remains the property of MagicPix Photo Booths at all times.

4.2 MagicPix Photo Booths reserves the right to substitute hired equipment with equipment of a similar type and value without notice in the event of previous damage or loss of booked equipment.

4.3 All sizes quoted are approximate.

4.4 It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the equipment is fully supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

4.5 NO persons are allowed to enter/move/ tamper with the equipment at ANY TIME without a photo booth attendant present

4.6 NO persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicating substance are allowed the use the equipment.

4.7 NO food, drink, gum, pets, toys and/or sharp implements are permitted inside the photo booth, including around the props and the guest book table.

4.8 Users of the equipment must remove glasses, jewellery, badges, any long necklaces, buckles or sharp objects.

4.9 Ensure equipment is not overcrowded. It is recommended a maximum number of 6 users can enter the photo booth at one time. Limit numbers according to the age and size of guests using it. Try to avoid large guests and small children from using the equipment at the same time.

4.10 Prevent horseplay and ensure guests are not pushing, colliding, fighting or behaving in a manner likely to injure or cause distress to others.

4.11 NO climbing on the seats, roof or supporting poles of the photo booth. If applicable, users must not sit or lean on guestbook table.

4.12 NO silly string, streamers, party poppers or similar ink based products in or near the equipment. These such products contain stain, and are difficult to remove. The cost of cleaning will be charged to the client at £30 per hour plus costs. If not removable full replacement/repair costs are liable by client. If using face paint, please ensure this is water based and easily removed with a cloth. Staining left by face paint will result in the client being invoiced for cleaning or repair.

4.13 Users are not permitted on/in the equipment during set up until the attendant(s) has agreed it is safe to use, nor are users permitted around the equipment during time of pack down.

4.14 Keep guests clear of all electrical connections, computers, TVs and extension leads.

4.15 The client is not permitted to move the equipment from the position it is erected/set up once the attendant(s) has left the premises.

4.16 The equipment will be supplied to the client in a clean condition and it is the responsibility of the client to ensure no one uses the equipment until the attendant arrives 30 minutes before the event start time if such arrangements have been made in regards to early set up. Failure to do so will result in the company charging the client per damaged piece of equipment.

4.17 MagicPix Photo Booths reserve the right to refuse use of the equipment to any person contravening any of the clauses above.


5.1 Please ensure the area provided is undercover and no less than 2.5m wide x 1.5m deep x 2.5m high.

5.2 When set up, the equipment is unable to be moved to another area and will remain in 1 area for the duration of the hire.

5.3 Client is responsible to ensure adequate and safe 240V AC mains supply is available on delivery and throughout the hire period. The company cannot be held liable for power cuts/loss of power. No compensation will be paid for loss of use.

5.4 Should an adequate distance of power supply not be supplied it is down to the client to provide safe & electrically tested utilities in order to operate the photo booth for the duration of hire.

5.6 It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the computer unit is not accessed or tampered with throughout the whole duration of the equipment being set up. Any loss of use of the equipment will not be compensated unless due to the fault of the company. Compensation is excluding any delivery charges, based on the event times/ location. No further compensation will be paid irrespective of expenses occurred.

5.7 The company reserves the right to refuse delivery if the venue or site is deemed to be unsuitable by our delivery personnel or if the client has failed to notify the company of any delivery obstructions such as stairs or excessive loading distances from our vehicle to the set up site. In such a case no refund will be given and the full hire fee will be due.

5.8 The client is responsible for ensuring that suitable security and crowd control measures are in place prior to the start of the event.

5.9 MagicPix Photo Booths reserves the right to cease operation and remove hired equipment from site if at any time a representative of the company feels that guests or clients conduct endangers the safety of guests, clients, themselves or the safety of the equipment. In such cases no refund will be given and full contracted fees will be due to us.

5.10 It is the clients responsibility to ensure guests of the equipment must take photos with feet firmly on the floor & hands placed on laps. A maximum of 6 users can enter the booth at 1 time, any more users than the maximum amount entitle the users to ensure that all parties are safe inside the booth at all times.

5.11 If a representative of the company feels that any user will potentially or has jeopardise the safety of others and/or the equipment they hold full rights to cease the user from re-entering the photo booth to ensure the risk is kept to a minimum throughout the event.


7.1 The customer agrees to, and understands the following:

All persons using MagicPix Photo Booths equipment, at the customer’s event hereby gives to MagicPix Photo Booths, the right and permission to copyright and to reproduce or otherwise use any photographic portraits or pictures of any equipment user. Such use may include, but is not limited to, any social media site or magazine/leaflet for the purposes of illustration, art, promotion, advertising, trade, or for any other purpose.

Once in the public domain, the company accepts no liability for the further use, or misuse, of the photographic portraits mentioned in clause 8.1 above, by any third party.

7.2 Use of copyright protected material without permission is illegal under copyright laws and will be followed with legal proceedings.


8.1 If any provision of these terms shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable under contract law, then that provision, or portion thereof, shall be deemed separate from the rest of this contract and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions, or portions thereof.


9.1 Refunds will be paid at the discretion of MagicPix depending on individual case and circumstances.


10.1 Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult when around the photo booth. This ensures the safety of equipment and the children inside the photo booth.

10.2 It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that children under the age of 12 are not around the set up area of the booth during building and dismantling.


11.1 Two attendants come as standard with the 42” booth. The company holds the right to send 1 member of staff with specific equipment when deemed appropriate.


12.1 On the occasion that the event over runs into the hire period start time that has been previously agreed, the company allows a 15 minutes buffer time before the hire period begins. The hire will be continued up to 15 minutes after the agreed start time should the event over run no matter the amount of time that has been over ran.


13.1 When entering the photo booth, the guest then accepts full responsibility that photos will be uploaded. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that guests are happy with photos that are uploaded. Any photos that are not deemed appropriate must be agreed with the client to be removed.