staff Christmas party

Need Help Organising Your Staff Christmas Party?

After working tirelessly all year the annual staff Christmas party is something almost all of us look forward to. A time when everyone can let their hair down and relax with their colleagues outside of the usual working environment.

If you own a business, manage a team or have been assigned the all important task of organising this years work Christmas party, you have a range of options open to you.

Here are a few tips to help get those creative juices flowing and hopefully help insure that you deliver on your promise of a memorable staff Christmas party.

Book Earlier

No one wants their Christmas party at work where they spend the majority of their time Monday to Friday. Instead ensure that you book a Venue nice an early to avoid disappointment. Whether you are visiting a restaurant, casino, local event, or hiring a venue, make sure you book way in advance.

Send invites

It’s always a good idea to get an idea of numbers way ahead of the party to ensure you book a venue that can accommodate everyone. If you think that it might be a late night, look into local hotels where staff have the option to stay the night.


Agree a date that best suits the majority of your staff. December is usually a very busy month for people, whether it’s Christmas shopping or visiting family and friends, try and find a date that is convenient for everyone. However it’s always worth remembering that no one wants a Christmas party in November or January.


There are an ever increasing number of options for your Christmas party entertainment. However traditional Christmas parties always go down well. So why not hire out a venue, book a DJ, get a photo booth hire package and give your staff the great night they deserve.


Themed Christmas parties are becoming more and more popular Either choose a theme yourself or open it up to all of your staff for a vote. Options could include Masquerade Ball, Winter Wonderland, Santa’s Workshop, Christmas Murder Mystery or circus.

Food and Drink

Providing a free bar is a nice idea, however some members of staff may see this as a challenge to drink their own body weight in alcohol. Why not set a limit or provide drinks tokens to help ensure no one ends up a bit too worse for where. Whether you choose to have a site down meal or provide buffet style food is also another point to consider.

Most importantly relax and try to ensure that everyone has a good time. A staff Christmas party is one of the few times of the year when staff can truly relax and get to know one another without the pressures of work. Christmas party can often help staff bond and create better working relationships.